download (2)Shinebright is excited to announce our partnership with Los Angeles Pierce College. This past Friday four Shinebright trained Facilitators took 25 peer mentors and tutor leaders through a Talent Finder Workshop.  It was an awesome day shining a light on the unique talents of these amazing students.

Here are some thoughts from the students on why they were excited to learn about their unique talents:

“By knowing my talents and strengths, I can achieve my goals more effectively and faster than leaving them unused.”

“Some people don’t know their talents, so figuring them out is a big deal.  For me, it would help my life a bunch.”

“I can work towards bettering myself and my approach to assisting others, which will allow me to pursue my goals in life, school, and career.”

“Humans learn by making connections with what they already know, what they’re familiar with.  Knowing the way I learn things or in other words, my strengths, I’ll be able to maximize my learning.”

“I can be confident that there ARE things I’m good at by knowing my talents.”

What an incredible group of young people ready to bring their unique contributions to the world.  This is just the beginning for Shinebright and Los Angeles Pierce College, the goal is to give every student on campus this opportunity….a Shinebright Campus!