Meet Our Coaches

Shannon Philip

Do you feel successful in your life and career?  Do you experience moments of flow and energy throughout
your days?  Do you know what type of work environments will bring you happiness and provide the opportunity to be at your best doing what you love to do?

Shannon will work closely with you to answer these questions and gain clarity on how to find career happiness. Through identifying your natural talents, developing new skills to help you grow personally and professionally, and strategizing your best career paths Shannon will help you to obtain your perfect career fit and finally feel successful in your life and career.


Meike HennonMeike Hennon

Are you craving balance, a life you love, an understanding of self, and/or career happiness?

Often we face big challenges and frustration when our careers feel unfulfilling, imbalanced and off track. These feelings also happen when we go through major life transitions such as becoming a parent or entering the workforce.

As a career and life coach, Meike has a natural ability to energetically help others investigate where they have been, combat the overwhelm and find their own superpowers as they determine where they want to go. Meike helps her clients identify, develop and leverage their strengths in both career and life, helping them to create a focused strategy to the path of greater happiness and success.