Thrive Moms: One-On-One Strengths Coaching

Are you a mom who is returning to the workforce after having a baby, or are you redefining your career path now that your kids are older?  Moms who work with our Shinebright Coaches gain a renewed self-awareness and understanding of their unique strengths, and are given the tools they need to intentionally create the life they desire.

This 3-session Coaching packages includes:

  • The Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment: Identify your top 5 talents
  • Three one-on-one sessions with a Shinebright Coach
  • A personalized Next Steps plan: How to begin to re-define your work so it aligns with who you are

We know your schedule as a mom is full, but taking an hour a week for three weeks to re-discover yourself is a gift not only for yourself but for your family. Happy Mom, Happy Home!

Investment: $185 per session or $175 per session when purchasing a 3-session package.


THRIVE – Moms Claiming The Life They Want

Shinebright is excited to announce a brand-new coaching program, designed specifically for moms….. Thrive Groups.

Thrive Groups are for those moms who know they have unique talents and passions, but they’re not sure how to incorporate all of the aspects of their identity into their life’s path.  Thrive Groups are also a place for those moms who simply feel they have lost touch with what they have to offer to the world…

Shinebright has created a place just for you! Thrive Groups are a place for moms to come together, support one another, explore their unique talents and personal values to create the life they want in 2017.

What are Thrive Groups?

  • An opportunity to combine your authentic self with your values to create and claim the life you want in 2017 and beyond.
  • Small groups of 8 moms meeting for 90 minutes – 1x week for 4 weeks.
  • Join an in-person group in Los Angeles or an online group right from your home.
  • Facilitated by Shannon & Meike who are not only expert coaches but the co-founders of Shinebright
  • The Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment – identify your unique talents and opportunities for strengths

Thrive groups are always forming, if you and any of your mom friends are interested in participating please contact Shinebright to form your own Thrive group experience.

Investment: $660 per person (includes all materials and 6 hours of group coaching)


What our happy clients are saying…

“I’m a photographer who has always been sure about my path but Shinebright took my knowledge of myself and the love of my work to the next level. It’s so valuable to know your strengths and the experience left me invigorated. After taking the strengths test and receiving the results, it was very interesting seeing my strengths on paper but what was extremely valuable was the two sessions I had with Shannon after the testing. She took the time and asked the right questions to really open up what my strengths were, what they meant and, most importantly, how to continue to use them to excel not only in my career but in my day-to-day life. Shannon is very kind and patient. I could tell it was just as important to her as it was to me to fully understand my top five strengths and that care made the process easy. I will never be the same person professionally or personally in the best ways because of what this process has taught me. Thank you Shinebright!”

– Alyssa