Some days, I get it. Some days  I feel so grateful and feel like I truly do get to have it all as a mom and a business woman. I am a part of a business that feeds my passion to help people be their best selves, I watch my daughters grow stronger every day and see their unique strengths unfold before my very eyes, but sometimes I feel like I am running in sixteen directions and not doing anything to the best of my ability. And those days are the hardest.

During these moments of raw exhaustion, I hear a nagging small voice in my head, “Who is taking care of you? When is the last time you did something just for you? Where was the last place you sat down and intentionally spent quiet time feeding every aspect of your identity?”

These are the same questions I ask so many of my clients who are busy moms, moms running households or holding down the fort at work and at home. And just like those moms I coach, the answers I had were simple, “I don’t make time for myself. I have a lot on my shoulders. Ha, when can I think about me? Identity? I don’t even know who I am outside of my mom role.”

And in these moments, I remind myself that I am just as important as the care for the family and my job. And that takes an intentional effort for self-care: time, reflection and to do the things things that bring me energy.

And as hard as it is for me to take a moment and be still, I force myself to. I force myself to order a new book that I know will bring me joy, or call a friend I have not spoken to in a long time. Or consider which of my unique strengths I have been neglecting and how can I make more space to feed them? It’s not easy, in fact, at times it feels impossible, but when I do find that moment to be still, that hour before bedtime to dive into a book, I find that it helps me get re-centered and the next day doesn’t feel so scattered and I remember . . . oh yeah, the health of the family and my life starts with me.

That is why Shinebright has created Thrive – A Group Experience for Moms who want to rediscover who they are and what makes them tick. It’s a group where you don’t have to find the time to be still and introspective alone. You can find support and guidance together with a Shinebright coach and a small group of women who have the same yearning to understand the deep shifts in their identity since becoming mothers and how to forge a life/career that encompasses and leverages those powerful new elements.

Please join us. I am looking forward to helping  you Thrive.

All the best,

Meike (Shinebright, coach and co-founder)