• Identify their natural talents and greatest source of potential and success
  • Understand what naturally motivates and energizes them
  • Choose a career path that allows them to use their strengths to find career happiness

Path From College to Dream Job

You’ve done everything right. You got into college, chose a great major, tried several internships, and finally you’ve graduated. Congratulations! You may have thought that doing “everything right” would help you determine your ideal career and land your dream job, but you’re feeling more confused than ever. If this sounds familiar, this interactive workshop is for you! Upon completion, you’ll have a Plan of Action with specific To-Do items that will get you moving toward that dream job.

In this workshop you will:

  • Identify your unique talents and create your personal brand
  • Receive critical resume, networking, LinkedIn and social media tips and resources
  • Explore what type of work will motivate and energize you
  • Receive a personalized Next Steps plan: How to find a career that will be the best fit for you

What our happy clients are saying…

“I am 29. Starting my college degree a little late in my life. I met with Shannon to do some career/life counseling. She had me take the Strengths finder test. In just 2 meetings, I learned more about myself than in the past few years. I now understand why I interact with people the way I do and what career environments would be best for me. I’m so thankful. It gave me a clearer picture of what I want for my future. Thanks Shinebright for your wonderful and irreplaceable advice and inspiration.”

– Liz