• Identify the strengths of your teachers and staff
  • Support your teachers and staff by giving them the tools they need to feel successful in their role
  • Create powerful teams that work collaboratively using their strengths

Building a Strengths-Based Team Workshop 

Educator teams who are able to harness the power of their strengths are able to work more collaboratively and successfully to best serve their students.

Teaching staff and administrators who complete our Building a Strengths-Based Team Workshop:

  • Gain a greater awareness of their unique strengths
  • Learn how to leverage their areas of greatest contribution in the classroom and on campus
  • Have a greater understanding of their fellow educators’ strengths, which leads to powerful teamwork

Strengths 101: Understanding Your Own Talents Workshop

Teachers who complete our Strengths 101: Understanding Your Own Talents Workshop know what motivates and energizes them, and how to best use their natural strengths.

Shinebright facilitators help teachers use their new knowledge of their unique strength and sources of motivation and energy to develop a plan to apply their strengths successfully in their lives.


Strengths in Your Classroom Workshop

Our most innovative educators’ workshop, Strengths in Your
Classroom teaches educators the power of their students’ strengths and how they affect student engagement. You’ll learn how to identify and develop student strengths in the classroom and become the most effective educator you can be.


Highlighting Your Strengths as an Educator Workshop

Educators who complete our Highlighting Your Strengths as an Educator Workshop leave with newfound knowledge of their own personal strengths and how to leverage them in the classroom, infusing their teaching with natural energy and motivation.

You will also learn how to to show up every day to do what you do best and always contribute at the highest level.


What our happy clients are saying…

“Keeping in mind other’s strengths will help with how we divide up duties, approach each other and understand reactions that each other may have in various situations. Additionally it will be helpful to have the ‘nick names’ that we developed, to remind us of our strengths, in a meaningful but also playful way.”

– Kelley Mayr, Fusion Academy

“All of the students involved in Shinebright have improved in a variety of ways.  Not only have they started to focus and improve their academic ability, but we were able to see students use the skills they learned through the program in their personal lives.  Teens who had never understood how to improve relations between themselves and their parents were now learning how to communicate and have open dialogue with their families.  Teens who had low self esteem and often succumbed to peer pressure were now standing tall on their own two feet and self-aware enough to make decisions for themselves.  The change we saw in each of those students was profound and there is rarely a program out there that has this strong of an impact that goes well beyond improving grades. I know that the impact that Shinebright has had on all of these young people will be reverberated forward throughout their entire lives.  These are skills they will use forever and knowledge they will, and already have been, passing on to their families, friends, and community for many years to come.”

– Luciana Carvalho, Director of Operations at Trine (Former Director of Teen Services at the Boys and Girls Club of Venice)

“Shannon and Meike offered our team genuine support and guidance while we explored each personality during our Shinebright Leadership Workshop.  We have been able to build upon this common language and have since developed stronger, more positive communication skills—leading to more efficiency and trust in the workplace.

– Allison Purdy, Fusion Academy

“Your students are doing exceptionally well and continue to remind me daily of what a powerful tool your program is and what a deep and lasting impact it can have.”

– Sterling Schubert, Principal The Applied Technology Center High School

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