• Identify their natural talents and greatest source of potential and success
  • Understand what naturally motivates and energizes them
  • Choose a career path that allows them to use their strengths to find career happiness

How to Find Career Happiness

One-on-one sessions with a Shinebright Coach will help you:

  • Identify your unique talents and create your personal brand
  • Explore what type of work will motivate and energize you
  • Determine which job environments are the best fit and will allow you to flourish
  • Choose a career path that will lead to engagement, happiness, and success

This 3-session Coaching package includes:

  • The Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment: Identify your top 5 talents
  • Three one-on-one sessions with a Shinebright coach: Dive into your talents, what motivates you and which job environments will help you to flourish
  • A personalized Next Steps plan: How to find a career that will be the best fit for you

What our happy clients are saying…

“It was Meike and Shannon’s coaching that really made strengths-based learning click for me. They turned it into action in a short amount of time by connecting my results to what I can learn in the real world to have an impact on my own life, and how I can put it into action when working with the others that I actually work with day to day.”

– Caneel Joyce, d.school Professor