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We are Grateful!

As both entrepreneurs and small business owners Shannon and I are extremely grateful for the young people we get to know and help in our business. We are fortunate enough to get one-on-one coaching time with teens and young adults who are bursting with potential, but need some [...]

Building a Strengths-Based Team at Fusion Academy Los Angeles!

Shinebright had the opportunity to work with the amazing team at Fusion Academy Los Angeles. Fusion's Head of School, Joie, is committed to building a strengths-based team and Shinebright created a workshop that would get them closer to that goal. Kim, Fusion's Director of Admissions & Outreach had this to [...]

Shinebright Goes to Stanford!

This past week Shinebright was invited to speak at Stanford's "The is a hub for innovators at Stanford. Students and faculty in engineering, medicine, business, law, the humanities, sciences, and education find their way... there to take on the world’s messy problems together." Shinebright had a chance to [...]

We Are Here Movement

Alicia Keys is asking, “Why are you here?”  The #WeAreHere movement is aimed at mobilizing people from all around the world to come together to affect change in their communities and beyond.  Keys says, “Together we can ignite the change that will create a more peaceful world for all children.” [...]

Talents & Future Careers

Our student Luis is one of the most creative people I have ever encountered. When given an assignment he immediately comes up with innovative ways to approach it. When all the other students wrote their blogs he came up with the idea to do a video blog! Luis dreams of [...]

Talent Maps

Talent Maps are a chance for students to visually represent all they have learned about themselves and their talents. Every time we do this assignment we are blown away by the creativity and how each student uniquely showcases who they are. [...]