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EBSB is Turning Education on its Head and Turning Out Thoughtful and Engaged Young Men

"Empowering middle school boys to cultivate their intellectual, physical and emotional selves to become the engaged, thoughtful and courageous men of tomorrow." This is the mission of the East Bay School for Boys (EBSB) and we couldn’t be more inspired by the important work taking place at [...]

A Strong Start to 9th Grade!

Announcing the debut of the Strong Start Workshop! The Strong Start Workshop is a one of a kind group experience designed for students entering 9th grade. Do you want your teen to simply survive high school… or to thrive? This 8-week workshop will help your teen excel during [...]

Shinebright Partners with a New School!

On May 22nd 2015, Shinebright co-founders Shannon Philip and Meike Hennon had the distinct pleasure of training 7th and 8th grade teachers and two administrators, to become certified Shinebright Facilitators at Discovery Charter School in Chula Vista, California. Discovery Charter is a K-8 charter school whose mission is that “every [...]

A New School, a New Paradigm…. a Protopalooza…

SHINEBRIGHT RETURNS to STANFORD’S Shinebright had yet another opportunity to visit Stanford’s on May 2.  This time we were there helping to support our friend and fellow David Clifford on his second Design School X (DSX) Protopalooza Day.  Design School X is “a new model [...]

What is Our Place in the EdTech Landscape?

SXSWedu is an exciting place to be, especially if you are interested in inspiring change and innovation in education. Shinebright had the pleasure of not only attending our first ever SXSWedu 2015 conference, but also to participate as a finalist in LAUNCHedu, a competitive pitch competition for education [...]

Shinebright Chosen as a SXSWedu LAUNCHedu Finalist!

Shinebright was honored to be chosen as 1 of 10 finalists for SXSWedu's 2015 LAUNCHedu Competition.  For more information about LAUNCHedu check out this link.

edSurge Names Shinebright a S’Cool Tool from Austin

How's an educator supposed to pick from the plethora of edtech tools, especially at a bustling conference like SXSWedu? We've got deets on some of the promising tools we've seen here in Austin, specifically after visiting the Launch EDU competition.  See more

Teens and Talents #Powerful

We had the chance to catch up with some of our ‪#‎Shinebrighter's‬ at the ATC high school yesterday. These students finished the Shinebright program in June 2014 and it's been six months since we had a chance to see them and check-in.  We wanted to know if they were still thinking about [...]

Redesigning Co-ed High School with David Clifford in Oakland, CA

Over MLK weekend Shinebright had the amazing opportunity to partner with David Clifford, a fellow at Stanford's, who is re-imagining co-ed high school.  David is hoping to design a school that “is engaging, humane, and creative; a school that builds in its student’s adaptability, agency and access to their passions, dignity and [...]

Teen Education: Tools for Success

Please check out a fantastic article by our friend Kristine Tye, M.A. on how to give your teens the resources they need to be successful and truly flourish in school. P.S. Shinebright makes an appearance in the article! Check it out here.