Oh Valentine’s Day! The day to spoil your sweetheart, go to fancy dinners and open jewelry gifts, or at least that’s what marketing tells us people should do. But for mom’s Valentine’s looks more like this: help your kiddos make 500 valentine’s for their classmates, dance group, soccer team, etc. and wrestle all that candy away from them at the end of the day.

Moms are busy and pulled in every direction most days and holidays are even more hectic. But hey here is a thought, what about if today you make space for yourself too?

No aspect of self-care is too small, remember to wear your favorite perfume, let the baby stay in her crib ten minutes after nap time and meditate, on the commute home turn off the news and listen to your favorite music, loudly!

Finding small ways to infuse moments of joy for yourself today, will give you an ounce of inner peace tomorrow and that’s the best Valentine ever!