We just love to help people!

At Shinebright our mission is to help people discover and embrace who they are, we celebrate their uniqueness and empower them to fulfill their greatest potential.

Our founders started Shinebright from their believe that everyone is born with unique gifts and talents. Unfortunately, too many people go through life without the understanding of that unique thing that only they have to contribute to the world.

Whether you are a stay home mom that is ready to take on the business world, a professional looking for a new career or a recent graduate trying to find the perfect job, we would love to meet you and help you discover your true potential.

Give yourself the opportunity to know you better!



Shannon received her B.A. in Communications from UC Santa Barbara and her M.S. in Organization Development from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and Management.  In graduate school she focused on Adults Identifying Paths to Career Passion and helping leaders appreciate and leverage the unique talents of the people within their organizations.

Since co-founding Shinebright in 2012, Shannon has worked with hundreds of people, from 7th graders to recent college graduates to mid-life adults transitioning to new careers, helping them identify their natural talents, what makes them unique, and how to thrive in their lives.

In one of her last sessions of graduate school, as part of a future commitment exercise, Shannon wrote the following on a piece of paper: “I am the possibility of every person recognizing their unique gifts.” Lofty, perhaps, but this personal commitment has grown into her hopes and dreams for Shinebright. “I want to reach as many people as possible and help them discover what it is they have to offer this world–and maybe in a little less time than it took me.”


Before co-founding Shinebright in the spring of 2012, Meike had spent most of her career in academia and education. While completing her Master’s in German at Cal State Long Beach, Meike taught German 101 to incoming freshmen. Teaching a difficult language to incoming freshmen sparked her love for students, inspiring them to learn, and helping them to believe in themselves. Meike went on to complete her Master’s and then to earn Single Subject Credentials in both English and German, now knowing that working with students was what she truly wanted to do.

While teaching at the high school level and seeing student’s challenges first-hand, Meike discovered that helping her students stay focused and motivated was often as difficult as teaching German grammar. It was then that she began to consider how she could truly make a difference in students’ lives, how she could help them discover their natural motivations and gifts before setting out on their life’s path. Thus began the idea of Shinebright, an organization determined to help people discover their talents and build them into strengths. Shinebright has been the perfect opportunity for Meike to utilize her high school- and college-level teaching experience in creating and facilitating workshops and curriculums. She brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to her work that is contagious, inspiring all those she encounters.


A marketing veteran of over ten years, Linda has industry experience in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This experience has seen her devise and execute strategic marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands in the wine, spirits, and beer industry.

A dual Mexican-Canadian citizen, Linda relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011. Despite her extensive experience in wine and spirits marketing, , her arrival in the technology hotbed of Silicon Valley inspired her to seek a new challenge. Already holding a marketing and international business degree, Linda returned to the classroom and completed her certificate in social media at San Francisco State University.
Driven by her passion for strategic business and marketing, Linda decided to become a mentor for small companies trying to take their businesses to the next level. It is during that time that Linda met Shannon and Meike. They immediately formed a great working relationship, driven by the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Linda’s time as a mentor for Shinebright was an experience that left a positive mark on her professional and personal life; that is why  she was ecstatic when approached to become Shinebright’s VP of Marketing.

What our happy clients are saying…

“Brittany has improved dramatically in her confidence since discovering her talents through Shinebright. Her learning thirst has become greater with more enthusiasm for knowledge.

Brittany is more vocal about what she wants for herself and her future goals. With the improved confidence and awareness of her talents, she has told us she needs encouragement which will be given to her.”

– Monique, Brittany’s Mom